How Does Egg Donation Work?

There is more than one path to parenthood. Egg donation allows women to carry their own baby even if they struggle with conceiving. It gives women the opportunity to experience pregnancy and childbirth. In conjunction with a surrogate, having a baby is also a possibility for men.

The quality of eggs produced are greatly impacted with age. As a woman ages, the proportion of eggs with abnormal number of chromosomes increases. However, a viable solution with a high success rate is the use of donated eggs by a women in their twenties or early thirties. Here at Unity Fertility, our staff will work closely with patients who are selecting a donor. A donor may be a family member, friend, or an anonymous individual selected from an agency. After the donor of choice is selected, she is medically, psychologically, and genetically screened and thoroughly examined in order to confirm that she is an acceptable candidate. In addition, the egg donor must consult with an attorney and sign a contract that states that the donated eggs belongs to the recipient individuals, or intended patients. Medical treatments may begin after all of the screenings and signed documents are completed.



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