The Purpose of a Gestational Surrogate:

Parenthood and starting a family can be a remarkable experience. Having a gestational surrogacy allows intended parents to have a biological child without any biological relation to the surrogate herself. Gestational surrogacy is an option that allows patients to have embryos transferred to a genetically unrelated woman’s uterus for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). This surrogacy option may be used by women who have underlying medical issues that prohibits them from getting pregnant, giving birth, and have failed multiple IVF cycles. Many women do not have issues producing healthy eggs, but carrying a baby until birth is a concern. Surrogacy allows these women to live their dream of having their own biological child. In conjunction with donor eggs, surrogacy also allows men to start their own family.

Our staff here at Unity Fertility will work closely with the chosen surrogate and the intended parent(s) to implement a successful plan. Choosing a surrogate is similar to choosing a donor. A surrogate can be a friend, family member, or an anonymous surrogate chosen through a surrogacy agency. The surrogate will sign legal documents with an attorney and will undergo medical, psychological, and genetic evaluation to ensure that she is a suitable and healthy candidate before moving forward with treatment.




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