Unity Fertility is a full-service fertility clinic founded almost three decades ago by Dr. Chun-Yeh Wang who pioneered the first Chinese-American fertility in the United States. Dr. Chun-Yeh Wang and her staff of highly educated and certified nurses, technicians, and researchers strive to provide the best care and treatment for each patient. We have worked with and served thousands of patients from all across the country and world. We establish strong bonds and relationships with our patients while helping them with their family planning. Our mission is to help each one of our patients have a baby regardless of marital status, financial status, and age. With so many treatment options, we carefully analyze each patient’s medical history and conditions to personalize what is best suited for each individual. We work closely with our patients to choose the most appropriate and most effective option catered to those with recurrent pregnancy issues, desires for gender selection, and male factor infertility.

Unity Fertility also offers free informative seminars to new potential patients every month. All seminars will be conducted by Dr. Chun-Yeh Wang and her faculty. At the seminar, guests may learn about general fertility, factors that may lead to infertility, and infertility treatment options. At the end of each seminar, there is a raffle held for our guests to possibly win a FREE intrauterine insemination (IUI) valued over two thousand dollars.

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